In the Crimea held a second referendum – Pimanov

President of the media holding “Red star” Director Alexey Pimanov commented in an interview with radio “Star” doubts of Western politicians of the legitimacy of the referendum in the Crimea in 2014. According to Pimenova, he often hears allegations that the vote had been taken the supposedly “too fast” and need to organize a second. But the Director said that a second referendum in Crimea, in fact have already taken place.


“I always say as a counterargument: you know that a second referendum been held? You know that nearly two million Crimeans received Russian passports? This supreference. Guys, there are two million Russian citizens. All matter is closed. They might think, to abandon, to leave, to remain citizens of Ukraine living in Crimea, but they got Russian passports”, – said the Pimanov.


The Director has addressed this issue, talking about his new feature film, “Crimea”, which will be released on the screens of the country in the spring of 2017. The film is dedicated to love stories from Kiev and Sevastopol, occurs during the “Russian spring” 2014. According to Pimenova, is a story about people, about “how it hurts to break two loving hearts”.


In the film, as the Director says, the audience will also get the answer to the question why the Crimea was annexed to Russia. Details about the filming and the film, working in television and directing the plans of Alexey Pimanov will tell you on the radio “Zvezda” on 9 February. Listen to a great interview at 19:10 at a frequency of 95.6 FM.

Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti