Yavlinsky began the presidential election campaign


RIA Novosti

Grigory Yavlinsky starting a presidential campaign. This was announced by the party “Yabloko”. According to the Chairman of the party Emilia Kabanovoy, this is a candidate who knows “how to lead the country out of the state in which it is now”. “And this is a very courageous man who, being so many years in politics, has not lost neither hope nor strength, nor confidence that this wall and the asphalt, not even asphalt, and concrete to punch you” – she said at a party forum, according to the Rambler/news citing TASS.

As stressed Slabunov, party “the Apple” has great political experience in the state Duma, regional parliaments and representative bodies, and municipal representative bodies. She noted that the party has as history of success, and real success and political experience on which to draw.
The decision to nominate Yavlinsky as a presidential candidate in the elections of 2018, the Congress party adopted last year.