Lavrov spoke about the steps to promote the Geneva process on Syria


RIA Novosti

Moscow has taken concrete steps to assist the Geneva process on the Syrian settlement, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We support the resumption of inter-Syrian negotiations under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General special envoy for Syria, de Mistura Staffan. Continue to believe that their format needs to be broad, inclusive, as provided for in the resolution 2254 of the UN security Council. Taking specific steps to assist the Geneva process, an additional impulse which gave Astana”, — he said in an interview with the Austrian magazine “Profil”.

The resumption of inter-Syrian talks under the auspices of the United Nations was moved from the beginning of the month for February 20. Russia last January talks in Astana was handed over to the Syrian opposition proposals on the draft Constitution. As noted earlier, Lavrov, the Russian Federation has thus opened the discussion on the content of the basic law.