Kiev intends to take away delivered to the Russian Embassy land

Deputies of the Kyiv city Council has agreed on the termination of the land lease agreement signed with the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, told the Council.


The decision was taken at a meeting of the standing Committee on urban planning, architecture and land use. We talk about three sites in the Podolsk district of the city: area 0.197 inch of 0.363 hectares and hectares on Spasskaya street and area 0,377 hectares on the street Borichev Current.


The land was leased in 1998 for a period of 49 years.


“For one UAH of a rent a year, Russia had the right to build a new Embassy, Consulate and Ambassador’s residence, or to lease or sublease, lay in banks, or even to sell. Fortunately, for 17 years this right she to use did not, and so we can break the lease,” said city Council Deputy Igor Miroshnichenko.


The legal reason for the termination of the lease is called the misuse of land and failure to comply with the terms of contracts. Now projects of this decision should consider at the plenary session of the city Council.

Photo: Nazar Furyk / / Globallookpress