Zakharov told Reuters the accusations of censorship and threats of violence


RIA Novosti

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow drew attention to the letter of the chief editor of Reuters about the organizational work for the coverage of the U.S. President Donald trump.

“The organizational work within Reuters is not our job. Open publication of the letter turned it into something like a Manifesto. It follows from the text that Russia is ranked by the Agency to countries where “at the same time you have to work with threats of violence, refusal of visas, censorship, criminal prosecution,” said Zakharova, reports “Federal news Agency”.

The official also added that Reuters journalists never went to the Russian dipvedomstva with complaints of harassment.

“You have a conscience? Go after the briefing, why didn’t we know that that you are oppressed? We never heard from Reuters correspondents that they bad to work. Editor-in-chief is lying?” — said Zakharov.

He also added that Moscow is trying to provide media assistance and not to confiscate journalists ‘ visas for information that seems biased.”We have a law. I expect Reuters detailed explanation. You speak the truth. And this Agency of the UK, the country where against the Russian journalists started a real persecution”.