The former head of the Italian government called for a return to the G8 format

Romano Prodi

The task of the Italian presidency of the G7 is to do everything possible to revive the format of “eight” with the participation of Russia. This opinion was expressed by former Prime Minister Romano Prodi in an article published in Il Mesaggero. Excerpts from the text publishes TASS.

“The main reason is that it is absolutely necessary to take a position against Russia before it will make Donald trump” — said the politician.

Prodi noted that it is unknown whether Russian leader Vladimir Putin the offer without requiring the exchange to remove anti-Russian sanctions. “Importantly, can take into account the political changes in Germany and France, which fear the growing popularity of anti-system parties in the electoral climate, retain extreme caution,” he wrote.

The European initiative, according to Prodi, was not only very necessary and very beneficial.

The summit “the seven” will take place in may in Taormina (Italy). The US President Donald trump on the eve podtvedil that will take part in it.