The court ordered Google to transmit to the US authorities emails from foreign servers

American court ordered Google to provide the US authorities emails its customers that are stored on foreign servers. On Saturday, February 4, according to Reuters.

As noted, judge of Philadelphia Thomas Ruther took the decision that agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) can conduct within the United States investigation related to fraud.

“Getting information from many of Google’s servers abroad may be perceived as an invasion of privacy, but in fact the actual violation of privacy occurs only if disclosure of information in the United States,” reads the judge’s ruling.

Google has stated that they intend to appeal the judge’s decision.

22 Dec 2016 Google employee filed a lawsuit against the Corporation, because it believes illegal surveillance of employees. In his opinion, the privacy policy of the company is not in compliance with the labor laws of the state of California. The lawsuit says that in Google there is a spyware program that supposedly intended to prevent transmission of potentially incriminating data to the press and to the public authorities.