In the Urals, discovered the child’s body with signs of dog bites

In the Sverdlovsk region found the body of seven year old girls. According to preliminary data, the child was killed by dogs. On Sunday, February 5, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

The body was found near the village Palmino. The report notes that the body had wounds characteristic of animal bites, and claw marks (presumably of a dog). A criminal case under article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”).

The consequence appointed a forensic examination to establish the date and exact cause of death of the child and find out other relevant circumstances. The police and the employees of the RCDS find out who local people could become a witness of what happened.

February 3 in the Khabarovsk region, five year old girl died from the bite of a dog that belonged to her grandmother. According to preliminary data, during play, the dog grabbed the child’s neck and severed the carotid artery. Relatives reported that early cases of animal attack on humans was not.