Bees interrupted a cricket match in South Africa

A swarm of bees interrupted a cricket match between teams South Africa and Sri Lanka, held in Johannesburg. About it reports BBC News.

Insects twice forced the athletes to stop playing and rush to the ground. After that, the match was suspended, and on the left the stadium.

They tried to get rid of insects, but to no avail. UPI notes that bees did not fly away even after being doused soda solution from the bucket and sprayed gas from a fire extinguisher.

To cope with Roy only managed a professional beekeeper, who collected the insects in a plastic box with honeycombs. When insects were removed from the field, the game continued.

In August 2016, it was reported that a swarm of bees settled on the nozzle of the engine of one of the fifth generation fighter F-22 Raptor, the U.S. air force. Living in the vicinity of the airbase beekeeper was removed from the plane about 20 thousand insects.