Attacked a military patrol near the Louvre the man refused to testify

Attacked a military patrol near the Louvre Museum in Paris a man refused to give testimony during the first interrogation, which took place on Sunday morning, February 5. About it reports the edition of 20 minutes with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies.

As noted on the website of the French edition of the online publication Huffington Post, the detainee will be questioned again later on Sunday.

The attack near the Louvre was made the morning of 3 February. Armed with machetes a man shouting “Allah Akbar” attacked a military patrol guarding the order near the Museum. In response, soldiers opened fire on him. He was wounded in the stomach and was taken to hospital where he was operated on. Minor injuries also received one military.

He was attacked by 29-year-old native of Egypt. After the threat to his life had passed, the man was formally transferred to the status of a detainee.

Head of the Paris police, Michel KADO believes that a separate replica of the attacker suggests that he intended to commit a terrorist act.