Zhirinovsky called the October revolution a “political accident”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged not to deny the historical events and not to decry rulers. Such a statement he made during a Congress of the party, reports TASS.

The politician said that the liberal democratic party — the only party, “which appreciates the history of the country”. He believes that, “if you deny the history of their own country, you denigrate themselves.” “The story is not done,” — said Zhirinovsky.

According to the head of the liberal Democrats, the anniversary of the October revolution should be celebrated not as a holiday but as a sorrowful anniversary. “Civil wars and coups are not a holiday. As it happened, this is a problem, it is a political accident, which killed millions,” he said.

The liberal democratic party, according to Zhirinovsky, it will be to achieve the appearance of a new calendar holiday dates — September 21 — the date of the first mention of the Russian state.

21 Sep 862 a voluntary agreement between the Slavic and Finno-Ugric tribes and the Varangian Rurik began to rule Russia. For the first time offer to celebrate this date as the day of Russian statehood was voiced by Alexander II in 1862.