Turkey accused Greece of provocation in the Aegean sea

Ankara accused Greece that violates the laws of international law, carrying out military exercises in the Aegean sea. About it reports Reuters.

As stated by Turkey, the landing of Greek forces on the island of KOs in the framework of the maneuvers violate the contract of 1947, which prohibits the conduct of exercises on this site. “We call on our country-neighbor Greece to refrain from unilateral actions, which can cause tensions and run counter to international law”, — has declared the official representative of the Turkish foreign Minister Hussein Muftuoglu.

In turn, the Greek military said that they did not intend to stop teaching. The foreign Minister of Greece Nikos Kodzias accused Turkey of attempting to transfer domestic crisis in the country in the international and said that Athens has already warned NATO partners and the EU that Ankara “at times may act nervously, which is not conducive to improving bilateral relations.”

Greek media associated with exercises on the Spit with a series of violations of the airspace of Greece by Turkish aircraft on Wednesday, February 1, which Athens described as “cowboy antics”. They also attributed the sharp reaction of Ankara with the refusal of the Greek side to give eight Turkish soldiers suspected of involvement in the failed July putsch.

The island of KOs is part of Dodecanese. After the Second world war, he was transferred to Greece, while it stipulated a demilitarized status. However, after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Greece began to place weapons, ignoring all the claims from Turkey. According to Athens, Ankara has no right to protest because he did not participate in the Second world war and, accordingly, is not party to the peace Treaty with Italy, stipulating, among other things, the status of the Dodecanese Islands.