I shook Hitler out of the bag: Soviet veteran told how cremated Fuhrer

A veteran of the Soviet army Vladimir Gumenyuk that in 60-70-ies was the operative of the special Department, said in an interview with TV channel “Zvezda”, as in 1970, cremated the remains of the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. The decree was signed personally by Leonid Brezhnev.


The fact that the remains of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, who in 1946, was identified by the Soviet investigation, buried in the ground at the base of the NKVD in Magdeburg. In 1970, when the base was transferred to the GDR, the remains were dug up and burned, and the ashes thrown into the Elbe river.


“We came, untied him, he was hard, and I here twisted it, shook it, and all this wind has gone”, – said Gumenyuk.


On the last days of Hitler, it was decided to remember once in Brazil was first published witness who was allegedly present at the funeral of Hitler in 1973. According to this unofficial version, which is now actively working with local media, Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945 and fled to South America. There he died in 1971, and was buried on the border of Argentina and Chile, and two years later the body of the Fuhrer reburied – reads version. A resident of Brazil, Fernando de araújo Nogueira says that in 1973 was at the funeral of Hitler in the bunker in the territory of Paraguay where he was hiding after the war many German Nazis.