In St. Petersburg, decided to spend thousands March in atheists

The extra-parliamentary party “Communists of Russia” plans to submit a bid to host April 12 in St. Petersburg March of the atheists. On Tuesday, January 31, TASS reported.

“To emphasize the support of the Communists to the scientific minded citizens and anticlerical traditions of the Russian revolution, the Communist party “Communists of Russia” and the organization “Atheists of Russia” in the spring will apply to the mass March of the atheists in Petersburg-Leningrad”, — stated in the message of the party.

The party intends to attract to the event to 15 thousand people. It is planned that the participants will bear the portraits of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Charles Darwin, Giordano Bruno and Yuri Gagarin.

Last summer, the leadership of the “Communist Russia” promised in the case of passing the political party in the state Duma to introduce to Parliament a bill to protect the rights of atheists. The Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the party Ilya Ulyanov noted that 25 percent of Russians are atheists and they are all “without protection”.

April 12, Russia celebrates cosmonautics Day, established to commemorate the first manned flight into space. On this day in 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first orbital committed circled the Earth.