Found the last will and Testament of Alexander the great

British historian David Grant claims he found the legendary Testament of Alexander the Great. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.


The approval of London, the document was lying in plain sight, but for centuries no one paid attention. The will of the king is indicated in the last Chapter of the manuscript “the History of Alexander the Great”.


For a long time historians believed that the last Chapter of the novel with a suicide the will of the king is just a political pamphlet. However, according to expert David Grant, this assumption is wrong.


According to a comprehensive study, the head-last will and Testament was based on original document: he gave artistry.


His discovery David Grant stated in his book “In search of lost wills of Alexander the Great”. As suggested by the historian, the true the will had been carefully hidden by the generals who have controlled the regions of the Empire, as Alexander was going to leave his inheritance unborn son Alexander IV and Metis elder son, Hercules, born from a mistress. After many years the original will secretly copied and distributed in the form of leaflets. The document also contains hints of the conspiracy of the generals against the king.

Photo: Giannis Papanikos / Globallookpress