Far East acres is now available to all Russians

Photo: Serguei Fomine / Globallookpress.com

Free to land area of one hectare in the far East now could any Russian citizen. As reported RIA Novosti, February 1, launched the third phase of implementation of the law.

To the ground will only be possible once free from rights of third parties and are in free circulation area available for five years. If it is mastered, it can be rented or purchased. Permitted uses — single-family housing construction, selhozperepisi, tourism and a number of directions.

To apply for the “far Eastern hectare” must be through the website Nadalnews.of the Russian Federation (there is a step by step guide), in the multifunctional centers (MFC) or through municipal authorities.

It is planned that joined the project, citizens will be able to buy such necessary for the arrangement of items as the frame, greenhouse, small agricultural machinery and credit at a concessional rate of 8 per cent for a period of five years. As told the news Agency in the press service of the Ministry, the relevant programme support to develop Fund development of the Far East along with Email Bank.

The Ministry also reported that currently there are 35 measures to help recipients of land in the far East. Among them is a grant for farmers, quotas for timber for home construction, microloans, leasing of agricultural machinery and other. The head of Minvostokrazvitiya Alexander Galushka stressed that depending on the demand list will be supplemented.

On the website Nadalnews.Russia said that for the first eight months of the law received about 36 thousand applications from those wishing to free hectares. Nearly 4.3 thousand of plots already allocated and more than 3.7 thousand are under contract.

The law on “far hectare” entered into force on 1 June 2016. First, the right to free acquisition of land was given only to the inhabitants of some municipalities in the Far East, as from 1 October 2016, it became possible for everyone living in the region the Russians, and from 1 February – for every citizen of the country.