Victor Evtukhov: the Timing of the transition of the trading on the online ticket office will not change


RIA Novosti

The refusal of the transition to the kontrolno-cash technics (KKT) of a new sample or changing the terms of its registration, there is no question and never will. This was stated by Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov.

The law on the transition to online ticket sellers, which transmit real-time data about all purchases to the cloud accounting system of the Federal tax service, signed by the President of the country in the summer of 2016. It involves several stages of implementation. The first begins on 1 February 2017 – after this date to register (re-register) cash registers that do not meet the requirements of the new law, the tax authorities will not.

Online-cash – it’s cash registers that meet the new requirements of the FTS. This technique (modified or completely new) are entered in the special register of models of the CCP and approved by the Federal tax service. Dealers should have been required to register new vehicles prior to that date. But many people want to delay the procedure. Once about the same thing happened with the implementation of the information system of the account alcohol USAIS.

In September representatives of the Association of retail companies (ACORT) asked to postpone the transition to the new cash registers equipment for six months. They said that entrepreneurs not only have to buy new cash registers, but to reprogram the internal accounting system. As reported by RNS, members of National associations network trade (NAST) also want to delay registration until may 1, 2017. While retailers offering a transitional period without penalty.

According to Victor evtuhova, in connection with the transition of retail trade to the new format cash registers Ministry of industry and trade jointly with the FTS monitoring the situation. “We will hold a meeting with FTS, the Finance Ministry and business representatives, to discuss possible ways of smoothing the transition period”, – said the Deputy Minister.

For innovations that revolutionize the tax control over the entire manufacturing and services sector in the country, the government is making a big bet. First of all, expecting a complete “whitewash” of the market, increase tax revenue, the focus of tax authorities on areas of risk. Bona fide owners of the CCP will not in losses – can online to monitor your business and vendors, to work under fair competitive environment, to get rid of tax audits.

Consumers new technology will provide to request electronic receipt of the operator’s fiscal data in the email, independently verify its legitimacy through a free mobile app, and in case of issues (fraud-calculation) immediately direct the complaint to the IRS.

By the way, today entrepreneurs have the opportunity through the site, register on the CCP without physical submission to the tax authority.