The insidious attack of Ukrainian special services in the Donbass revealed MGB DNR

The Ministry of state security (MGB) of the self-proclaimed DND reported that their staff had prevented a terrorist attack in the territory of one of military units of the militia. The journalists said the representative of the Ministry of state security of DND. He also said that the attack could cook Ukrainian security services.

As reported, a diversion had to be committed by a volunteer, whose relatives were on Kiev-controlled territory. The plan was to blow the truck in the warehouse of combustive-lubricating materials (petroleum products).


As reported in the Ministry, the militia went on the MGB reported that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies are forced to commit sabotage. This diversion could lead to detonation not only fuel depot, located close to warehouses with ammunition, a few hundred meters away at a residential village, said in an MGB.

Photo: MGB DNR