Named the amount of spending is coming to Moscow tourists

Tourists coming to Moscow for shopping, spend a day about 10 thousand rubles. On Tuesday, January 31, said the head of the Moscow Department of sports and tourism Nikolay Gulyaev, reports POLENTA.

At the same time, guests visiting the capital for work, spend 5,9-6,3 thousand roubles, and the cultural tourists — a 5.4-5.8 thousand rubles per day.

“Depending on the purpose of arrival varies considerably and the cost structure of the tourist. If business tourist most of the money spent on travel, accommodation and meals, for a cultural and educational tourist about one third of all expenses are the costs of events,” — said Gulyaev.

According to the Department, about one-third of tourists come to Moscow to participate in recreational activities. In particular, the festival “Journey to Christmas” has attracted more than 4 million people. In addition, more than 7 million people visited the festival “Circle of light”, installation of which last year was recognized by Guinness world records the largest in the world.