In Austria, banned from wearing the burqa in public places

In Austria will be a ban on wearing the burqa in public places such as schools and courts. About it reports BBC News.

The corresponding agreement was reached between the parties within the ruling coalition. In addition, the possibility of a ban for civil servants on the wearing of the niqab, burqa and other types of clothing that can be considered religious symbols.

“We reaffirm our commitment to an open society, which, in turn, implies open communication between people, — says the official statement. — Clothes that cover the face, prevent to reach this goal and therefore will be prohibited.”

Thus, the publication, the representatives of the centrist coalition plan to deprive the trumps right Austrian freedom party, candidate Norbert Hofer lost in the second round of the presidential elections in December 2016, but promised to run again for the presidency.

The Ministry of tourism has expressed concern that the ban may discourage tourists from the Gulf countries.

The wearing of the burqa in public places banned in France and Belgium, a similar measure is now being considered by the Dutch Parliament.