Conducted the ritual cleansing of the house of the Saratov pensioner went for a walk and died

The inhabitant of the Saratov region died after a walk along the road naked. On Monday, January 30, informs a portal “news of Saratov”.

An elderly woman and her husband were detained on the highway Saratov — Engels on the morning of January 29. Both were drunk and without clothes. The head of the family explained that they were conducting a ritual of cleansing the house of evil spirits (their house is 800 meters from the road).

In the region now stand the cold — the night temperature drops to minus 28.

Doctors tried to save the victims, but the woman died. The man suffered frostbite third and fourth degree. He is in serious condition, the issue of his transfer to regional medical center combustiology.

In October 2016, 29 percent of Russians surveyed by VTSIOM, said that attempts in any way to protect yourself from the evil eye and witchcraft. 36 percent of respondents reported that they believe in magic.