Canada will provide the migrants with temporary shelter in connection with the decree trump

Ahmed Husen (left), Justin Trudeau

Canada will give temporary residence to all persons because of the decree of the American President Donald trump, restricting immigration, will be denied entry to the United States. About it reports Reuters.

At a press conference the Minister of immigration Ahmed Houssen, he does not know how many people will get this right, however, according to him, only a small number of passengers trying to fly to the US from Canada, were denied boarding.

The canadian government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Liberal spokesman, has so far refrained from criticizing the United States. However, Canada emphasizes that opened for refugees. However, a number of politicians have condemned the ban trump.

The decree of the trump signed on January 27, applies to nationals of the seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. We are talking about Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan.

The decree has led to the fact that some flights that flew in the USA, was withdrawn by the citizens of the States included in the list, despite the fact that they had American visas.

The US administration’s decision has drawn sharp criticism in his country and other States.

Trump, commenting on his decision, said that his measure is not directed against Muslims, but against terrorists. According to him, the issuance of visas to citizens of all countries will resume as soon as steps will be taken to the security policy within 90 days.