Actor Livanov told about the dream his granddaughter’s President

Vasily Livanov

Soviet and Russian actor Vasily Livanov said that President Vladimir Putin after ceremony of awards was photographed with his granddaughter. Impressions of communication with the Russian leader, he shared in an interview with National news service (NSN) on Thursday, January 26.

“I was with my wife and granddaughter. Granddaughter wanted to be photographed with the President. When he learned of this, immediately photographed,” — said Livanov.

He admitted that he particularly liked looked like Putin. In addition, the Russian leader is well “react to joke”: “he has a wonderful sense of humor, he is,” said the actor.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that Livanov, who was awarded the medal of Honor, urged Putin not to step down as President. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, if you ever carefully look up to the sky, you will hear a voice: “don’t move!” And this is the voice of our great Motherland — Russia,” — he turned to the leader of the state.

From the President of state awards, order of Friendship, on Thursday also received official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She told me that she will now be able to answer positively to the daughter’s question, pressed her hand to Vladimir Putin.