The Daily Mail learned of the fury of Johnson’s inviting Zakharova in the House of Commons

Boris Conceptului: Zakharov declared competition on the best caricature of Johnson

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson was furious upon learning that the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova was invited to a reception at the House of Commons — the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. This writes the Daily Mail; in the printed newspaper this topic was covered the whole strip.

The event at the site of the British Parliament was the Deputy from Conservative party Daniel Kawczynski, known for its loyalty to Moscow. It is also reported that the reception was attended by the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan.

Materials on теме00:26 19 July 2016Boris Nederjanii language brought a new head of the British foreign Ministry to diplomatic scandals

Zakharova in Facebook reacted to the publication. “They are ridiculous, of course: London has long been a haven of evil spirits, like the remnants of the terrorists, fugitive oligarchs and the corrupted officials. And then sent the invitation angered. Democracy, in a word”, she added.

Zakharova regularly criticizes the statements of the head of the British foreign office and the briefings in the foreign Ministry, and Facebook. So, in December, she criticized Johnson’s rhetoric on the Syrian issue, and in October made fun of his words on the most powerful weapon against Moscow.