Supporters of Clinton was preparing Moldovan Maidan – Dodon

Political opponents of the President of Moldova Igor Dodon has collaborated with a team of Hillary Clinton and in case of its victory on elections in the United States was going to have in Kishinev “color revolution”. About this Moldovan leader said in interview to the program “week” with Irada Zeynalova, the website of NTV.


“They even started to cook some specific things, there are yellow ribbons. Know what Ukraine was. And we looked the script around came to this”, – he stressed.


Thus, according to Dodon, “to arrange a Maidan in Chisinau,” they were prevented by two factors: the victory of Donald trump in US elections and the hard position of Dodona during the presidential race in Moldova.


“I immediately after the election came out and clearly said: “Guys, don’t play with fire. If need be, we will protect this victory at any cost”. I think that is the first argument. And second, no less important, is the geopolitical moment. In the United States in the presidential election lost to those who usually supported these are the “color revolutions” in different countries. And my opponents made no secret that they acted in conjunction and supported by Clinton’s team from the United States,” he added.


Igor Dodon was the first in the last 20 years, popularly elected President of Moldova. Elections were held on 13 November 2016, his voice gave him 52% of the population.