In the Tver Duma abolished the working group on the strip

Tver city Council disbanded the working group, which was engaged in the settlement of the work strip clubs. About it reports the Internet-the edition Tverigrad on Friday, January 27.

One of the leaders of the group Deputy Ilya Kholodov said that the group was created in 2013. Then to the city Duma asked the residents of Proletarskiy district complained about the fact that the entertainment dancing half-naked girls.

“Our group held only one meeting, which was attended by the club management and the Prosecutor. The question was resolved peacefully, without the need for the adoption of normative acts”, — said the MP, noting that since “in the club not dancing”.

He also urged not to exaggerate the importance of the working group and its dissolution. Otherwise it may give the impression that “deputies have nothing else to do,” said Cold.

In July 2016 spravoross Oleg Mikheev submitted to the state Duma a bill banning exploiting interest in sex in advertising. Because of this, in the opinion of the author of the initiative, women appear “as docile objects of sexual desire, that is, as second-class citizens, subordinate to men”. In January 2017, the relevant Committee of the state Duma recommended to reject it.