Norway’s intelligence services accused the Russian Federation in the impact on the Nobel Committee

The police security service Norway (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste, PST – approx.ed.) said that Russia allegedly tried to influence the Nobel Committee with the purpose to avoid receiving the Nobel peace prize by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2015. Reported state broadcaster NRK.


PST in the person of chief of counterintelligence Arne Christian Haugsdal believes that published on the Internet in the summer of 2015 a letter signed by Vladimir Groisman, the then representative of the Ukrainian Parliament, which allegedly Groysman discuss with the charge d’affaires of the USA in Norway awarding the Nobel prize to Peter Poroshenko, was created with the involvement of Russian secret services to discredit the Ukrainian President.


There is no evidence in favor of this version of the representatives of PST journalists not reported, but added that Russian hackers may have also tried to hack the computers of employees of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.


In addition, representatives of the Norwegian intelligence services said that soon after the publication of “letters Groisman,” two members of the Russian Embassy visited with working visit of the Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute Olav Engelstad.


The combination of these “facts” have led the Norwegian intelligence service to the idea that what was happening was the Russian special operations against Ukraine, Norway, the Nobel Institute and personally Poroshenko.


The material Norwegian media have also given the opinion of the Russian Embassy about this situation in which the events called “paranoia”. The level of argumentation and the General absurdity of the situation led representatives of the Russian Embassy in amazement.


“It is surprising that NRK spends time and resources on such trumped-up reasons. In NRK must understand that the collection and analysis of information on internal and external policy, the exchange of views with partners and more routine diplomatic work. A meeting with representatives of the Nobel Committee, including the one you mentioned, it was aimed at it”, – told in the Russian Embassy.


In addition, according to NRK, the Russian diplomats have noticed that the Norwegian intelligence services regularly easier to declare the alleged threats from the Russian side, getting to fight the “Russian threat” funding and powers than to deal with real problems.

Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress