The old believers wanted to return to their temples after ROC

Metropolitan Cornelius

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church, Metropolitan Cornelius asked State Duma deputies to help restore the temples, which was sold in the early 1990-ies. On Thursday, January 26, RIA Novosti reported.

“We’re talking about insulting the feelings of believers; in my opinion, it is that today and not transferred to the Church temples are used, to put it mildly, not to destination”, — cleric said at a round table in the framework of the V parliamentary Christmas meetings.

According to him, in former churches restaurants and gyms, and courts with them, the believers are “not succeed”. “I would like to ask the legislators to this conflict to allow”, — said the Metropolitan.

He recalled that there is a legislative framework that provides for the allocation of land to religious organizations, but the officials under various pretexts refuse to the old believers ‘ Church in this. “I want to ask that officials had the responsibility for these delays”, — said the Primate of the rpsts of the deputies.

Earlier in January, the authorities of St.-Petersburg has made the decision to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. Thus, according to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, the Museum functions of the Cathedral is fully preserved. Owner’s Cathedral remains the city.

Later in the same month it became known that the Simferopol and Crimean diocese is preparing a request to the Federal property management Agency about the transfer of 24 sites of the reserve “Chersonese”. In the Russian Orthodox Church reminded that in the Museum are the buildings that had previously belonged to Chersonesus Prince Vladimir monastery.

Old believer churches and monasteries were closed in the course of mass repression against the adherents of the movement in the 1930-ies.

The old believers called for in Orthodoxy who have not accepted the liturgical reforms of Patriarch Nikon (the middle of the XVII century). The total number of old believers on the territory of Russia is estimated at 1.5-2 million people.