The newspaper reported freezing “Palestinian tranche” Obama

Continued: Palestine announced the receipt of the tranche Obama

The President of the United States Donald trump froze the transfer of 221 million dollars, which his predecessor, Barack Obama has written to the Palestinian authority. It is reported by The Times of Israel with reference to its sources in Ramallah.

According to the newspaper, the state Department had notified the Palestinian authority that funds will not be transferred in the near future. It is noted that Washington will study the feasibility of this operation.

On January 24 it became known that Obama gave the order on transfer of money to the Palestinians against the wishes of Republicans in Congress. These funds are intended for humanitarian assistance to the population of the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip, as well as support for reform. In addition, some of the money must go on preparing for the implementation of “appropriate political governance and the rule of law in a Palestinian state”.

The Obama team also allocated four million dollars for programs related to climate change, and 1.25 million organizations under the auspices of the UN. Another 1.05 million dollars transferred to the mission of the Department of state in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Bureau for South and Central Asia.