The CEC may revise their regulations on video surveillance and observers


RIA Novosti

The CEC of Russia may return to the organization of video surveillance in the elections and observers, and may invite the legislators to change the terms of contest of results of elections in court.

It is not excluded in conversation with journalists the Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev.

The ad hoc working group of the CEC will consider issues related to possible violations of the election on 18 September in Tatarstan. According to bulaeva, the results of the election campaign the CEC received “a significant number of complaints in some regions, it refers to Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and to some extent Dagestan.”

“The purpose of today’s consideration at the meeting of the working group the situation in Tatarstan is to not only try to react, which is not always possible, but try to predict our decisions for the future taking into account of the situation”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC. He stressed that the Commission is taking into account what happened in the last election flaws “to adjust his work for the future.”

“Maybe some time to reconsider, maybe our provisions, which we approved, for the organization of surveillance work with the observers, on the formation of precinct election commissions”, – explained Bulaev.

The question TASS whether the CEC to propose to the legislators to change the terms of contest of results of elections in court, he said, “We discussed this topic multiple times.” Currently, the election results can be appealed in court within three months from the date of their official publication.

Bulaev noted that the applicants complaints to the electoral commissions, often violate the deadline to appeal, however, the Central election Commission it is important to work them out. “Despite the fact that the CEC mandate is now to address these complaints is not always enough, the complaints are not always designed in accordance with applicable Federal law, filed, say, in the election Commission instead of the courts, the CEC is very attentive to all requests that come to us”, – he concluded.

The Struggle Of The “Yabloko”

On Tuesday, the Supreme court of Tatarstan dismissed the claim of the Chairman of regional branch of party “the Apple” Ruslan Zinatullin about cancellation of results of elections to the state Duma on single-mandate constituency by the Central Republic. According to the Complainant, during the elections there were serious violations, including knowingly false count of votes, multiple voting by certain groups of voters, ballot stuffing.

Last week Yabloko appealed to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation refusal of the CEC to consider at the meeting of the party’s appeal on violations during state Duma elections in Tatarstan. The complaint was filed in November, it “Yabloko” declared ballot box stuffing and other violations at 40 polling stations in Kazan. Yabloko demanded from the CEC to establish a joint working group to study the videos from the polling stations, to transmit information about violations to the Investigative Committee and to apply to the courts for a recount of votes in areas with violations.

However, in late December, the party received a letter from the CEC in which it was reported that the reason for the adoption of an additional response by the authorities is not available. In his administrative claim, the party asks armed forces to oblige the CEC to consider the November complaint at the meeting in a collegiate and make a decision on it.

Yabloko did not recognize the results of elections to the state Duma, which took place on September 18 and on which the party list scored of 1.99% of the vote. In the autumn the party has appealed to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation with a request to cancel the results of elections to the Duma in connection with the allegedly committed during the conduct of numerous violations, the claim of the party was rejected.