Japan will continue negotiations with Russia on joint activity in the Kuril Islands


RIA Novosti

Japan intends to continue negotiations with Russia with the aim of creating a “special system” for carrying out joint economic activities at all the South Kuril Islands. This was stated by Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, answering questions of deputies at the plenary session in the lower house of Parliament.

“With regard to joint with Russia economic activities on the four Islands, we support the continuation of negotiations on this subject and economic projects that will benefit both parties,” he said.

In this case, Abe has expressed displeasure with the strengthening of the Russian military presence on the southern part of the Kuril Islands during last month’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I can’t reveal all the contents of our conversation (with President Putin – approx. TASS),- said the head of government. – However, I made it clear to the Russian side that we regret in connection with the strengthening of its military presence on the four Northern Islands (Japan called the southern part of the Kuril Islands – approx. TASS)”.