Magadan has introduced petrol coupons

Sale of gasoline AI-95 in coupons introduced at filling stations in Magadan from-for deficiency of fuel this brand. About it reports on Monday, January 23, “Interfax” with reference to the Department of prices and tariffs of the government of the Magadan region.

“A temporary limitation due to a fault of the tanker delivering oil products to the region. Deficiency of other types of petroleum products in the Magadan region is not observed”, — noted in the Department, assuring that fuel reserves are “sufficient to meet the needs of motorists in the region.”

Question about the price of gasoline is under the control of the regional government. Currently, a liter of AI-92 at the gas station Kolyma is 45,03 ruble, AI-95 — 47,27 ruble, AI-98 — 52,20 ruble.