The UNESCO-protected architectural monument was saved by the sappers of the Russian Federation in Aleppo

In the catacombs under an ancient building in Aleppo the Russian sappers defused a bookmark left occupaying militants. The power of the explosive device was three hundred pounds of TNT.


The terrorists set up in this building the stronghold, drove him from the students who were here school. Retreating, they left in the basement of an explosive device with a capacity of three hundred kg of TNT, which was discovered by Russian engineers. Device was located between the support columns, so that in the case of blasting a monument of architecture was completely destroyed.


“Bookmark is designed so that the civilians would stop stretching, respectively, due to the spring freed the firing pin and the undermining will occur. If it will be engineers who will find this a mine by cutting of the fishing line or thread, also happens to undermine. In all the danger” – said the commander of group of mine clearing Ivan Gromov.


On the surface the Russian sappers defuse a minefield using robotic systems “Uran”, which allows to protect the personnel of the units.


Old school Madrasa in Aleppo was founded in the early second Millennium BC. All the city has three buildings: Halawiyeh Madrasa, built in 1124, Madrasa Sultaniye, which appeared in the XIII century and the so-called “school of Paradise” Madrasa Faradis, erected by the widow of the Sultan al Zaher Ghazi, Difou Khatun in 1234 These buildings in the context of the entire old city in Aleppo are the world heritage and are under UNESCO protection.