The police took prevented the ambulance as a taxi driver in the Krasnoyarsk

The police dealt with the incident in the courtyard of a residential building in Krasnoyarsk, where the taxi driver refused to give way to the ambulance. About it RIA Novosti said Deputy head of the press service of the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Yurchenko.

“The police are checking the video posted on a social network, where, presumably, there was a conflict between an ambulance driver and a driver of a passenger car”, — he said. According to Yurchenko, if the fault of the taxi driver is installed, it will involve in administrative responsibility.

On 22 January in “Vkontakte” appeared a video in which a motorist for some time refused to pass the ambulance. The vehicle driver had to threaten to call the police, and after some time the taxi driver still drove off.

Video: Revizorro Krasnoyarsk / Vkontakte

Earlier in the same month in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky brigade ambulance went on a call to 21-year-old man. The path to her was blocked by a car with a woman driving. As a result, doctors are unable to timely reach the patient, he died. A criminal case on causing death by negligence.