The Ministry said the consequences of anti-Smoking concept, Ministry of health

The Ministry of economic development commented on the anti-Smoking concept of the Ministry of health, the opinion was expressed by the Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev, according to the newspaper “Izvestia”.


According to Fomicheva, restrictions and policy of counteraction to tobacco consumption, the Ministry of health in the years 2017-2022, can lead to a strong increase of counterfeit products in the market.


“The increase of excise rates on tobacco products seems unwarranted and may lead to negative consequences, such as the influx of counterfeit products, as well as lower competitiveness of domestic products compared to the supply from the territory of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry.


Earlier, the Turkish interior Ministry revealed details of the anti-Smoking concept, which is expected to be implemented from 2017 to 2022. As planned by the Ministry, the country will increase the number of places where Smoking is prohibited, electronic cigarettes are to be treated as normal, and those born after 2015 will not have the right to purchase tobacco products.

Foto: CHROMORANGE / Bilderbox / Globallookpress