The closest ally of Sarkozy received a prison sentence

Claude Gean

The closest ally of Nicolas Sarkozy and former interior Minister of France Claude Gean has received two years of imprisonment, one of which will be spent in prison. It is reported BFMTV.

A ruling made by the court of appeal of Paris, which also ruled with Geena 75 thousand Euro fine and banned him for five years to occupy posts in system of public administration.

The case against the former official was opened in 2013. Then it became known that in 2002-2004 Gean, who held the post of chief of staff of the interior Ministry, received a monthly budget of special Fund of the office of 10 thousand euros. Half of the money he kept the second part was distributed between the three participants in this scheme. A total of Gean convicted of financial violations for the sum of 210 thousand euros.

During the hearings, former Minister denied his guilt and stated that “this money was a bonus.”

On 15 November last year, Libyan businessman Ziad Cachedin said that in 2006-2007, was personally involved in the transfer of several suitcases with five million euros in cash to Nicolas Sarkozy, who was interior Minister of France, and Claude Geana. The funds were transferred to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on the needs of the presidential election campaign Sarkozy.

Geena lawyers rejected all charges, and the lawyers Sarkozy has promised to sue Libyans for libel.

At the end of January 2014, the TV channel France 3 TV released an audio recording of an interview with Gaddafi on March 16, 2011. For her, the Libyan leader claimed that Sarkozy asked him for financial help when he was Minister of the interior. The amount, which he eventually handed over to the French policy, was not called.

Jan was responsible for the conduct of the election campaign Sarkozy in 2007. March 8, 2015 he was charged with illegal funding.

Sarkozy led France from 16 may 2007 until 15 may 2012.