The candidate in presidents of France warned against frivolous attitude to Russia

Francois Fillon

Europe needs to restore relations with Russia, because it is a strategic issue for its future. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Le Monde, the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans”, the former Prime Minister françois Fillon.

“We need to restore our relations with Russia. This will require resolution of the Ukrainian question. Kiev, Moscow must comply with Minsk agreement. In the second place, we need a new economic partnership with Russia. Finally, I propose to hold the conference Europe-Russia in the new security environment in Europe”, — quotes the words of Fillon RIA Novosti.

Russia, he reminded, is a huge country that cannot be “taken lightly”. “This is a country without democratic traditions, which has nuclear weapons. You have two options: either we are trying to reach agreement with Russia, or we who oppose it. Who might want a conflict with Russia?” he said. While Fillon expressed confidence that sanctions cannot “bend the Russian people.”

The candidate in presidents of France called irresponsible the statements of the authorities of Ukraine and Georgia’s plans to join the Alliance. “You just have to admit that Ukraine and Georgia are not designed to enter the EU and NATO”, — he stressed.

Fillon also said on the deployment of missile defense near Russia’s borders, noting that the West had made “many mistakes”. “Can we bring Russia back to a more reasonable position? I don’t know, but it is imperative to try it”, he added.

Presidential elections in France will be held in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7. The most likely contenders for the presidency are considered to be françois Fillon and the leader of the far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen, who advocates the abolition of sanctions against Russia and the recognition of the Crimea part of Russia. Socialists in the elections will present the former Minister of education Benoit Amon or former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who on 22 January took place in the second round of party primaries.