Volodin urged MPs be careful to speak about inhabiting Russia peoples



Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, commenting on the speech of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the position that was occupied by the Russian people in the USSR, called on the deputies in their statements to take into account that Russia is a multinational country.

In his speech from the rostrum of the state Duma LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky referred to was published in 1987 an article entitled “Russians in the USSR.” “Restructuring has allowed this article to release, and then stopped, already it became unprofitable to reveal the plight of the Russian. The idea was what: there seems to be Russian people, Balts, Belarusians, like more advanced. Now let’s raise the backward peoples to the level of developed and what it led to?”, – said Zhirinovsky.

“Colleagues, I draw your attention that in this hall there are deputies representing the different Nations and nationalities, representing Russia. Russia is a multinational country, so when we are talking about a nationality, when we emphasize their attitude to the people, let’s take this into consideration, because we live in Russia”, – said Volodin.

“We believe that we are all brothers, and then we have a lot to work,” he added.

Commenting on Zhirinovsky’s words about the role of some national republics in the collapse of the Soviet Union, Volodin said that it happened “largely through no fault of those” spoke the leader of the liberal democratic party. “The same President to the last did everything to preserve the Soviet Union. Who destroyed that? Let’s start with that,” said Volodin.