Spring called tragicomedy protest against trump with the participation of film actors



Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya called tragicomedy held in new York a protest with the participation of Hollywood actors against the election of a Republican Donald trump President of the United States.

“The departure of (President Barack) Obama with the participation of Hollywood stars became a real tragicomedy,” – said the MP reporters. She noted that “in recent days, had it all: tears, tantrums, anger, confusion, but all was false”. According to Spring, “staged the final act of Hollywood politics” dispelled the last doubts about how Obama and his supporters are for democracy and freedom of choice American citizens.

“The cliché of the double standards of democracy the Obama administration is, in fact, a policy of deception and anti-democracy!” – said the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma. She recalled that an important element of democracy is the election of the President, exceptional powers of the elected President in determining foreign and domestic policy for the period of their powers.

“Mr. Obama openly opposed the trump, and showed no respect for the citizens of America, – said Yarovaya. – After his attempts to block the right of citizens of America and elected President on a new and separate policy was demonstrative.” A different kind of misinformation innuendo were intended to cast doubt on the legality of the choice, the Deputy is sure. “This is a precedent for the United States, when the outgoing President and his team actually acted in the logic of undermining and discrediting the fundamentals of democracy and freedom that were the pride of the Americans,” – says Russian politician.

“A glossy information pack policy and in foreign and in domestic policy, unfortunately, contained the detonator of the destruction of democracy and fair partnership. What ultimately destroyed the willingness of Americans to support the tandem of Clinton – Obama and the policy of double standards”, – said Yarovaya. “The words of the great (Mikhail) Lermontov characterize the attitude of his presidency: “there was no joy love, parting will be without sorrow”, concluded the MP.

The inauguration of US President Donald trump will be held in Washington.