Moscow will cover the Blizzard in the coming hours

Emergencies Ministry warns of sharp deterioration of weather conditions in the Metropolitan area. This is the official website of the Department. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, in Moscow, strong wind and begin a strong snowstorm.


“From 18.00 22 Jan 2017 to 07.00 on 23 January 2017, with the saving on to the evening and night in the Moscow region and Moscow (including the New areas) it is expected snow, wet snow, snowstorm in places, the formation of ice deposits, wind of the Western quarter of the gusts of 12-17 m/s”, — is spoken in the message.


It is also reported that the bad weather will remain in Moscow until Monday morning. Since the beginning of the new week stolichnom in the region is expected to clear weather. Day January 23 is expected 1-3 degrees of heat.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich Russian Look / globallookpress