Ex-CIA Director insulted the behavior of trump at the headquarters of the security services

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan criticized the behavior of the newly made President of the United States Donald trump because of his behavior during a visit to the headquarters of the Ministry. About it reports “Interfax”.


“Brennan is deeply saddened and angry self-aggrandizement, which showed Donald trump in front of a wall memorial dedicated to the heroes of the office. Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed”, – stated in the message.


Ex-CIA Director was offended trump, standing at the memorial to fallen officers, sorted out the relations with the media and journalists argued that the crowd at the inauguration was much more than was written in the press.


Earlier it was reported that the US President Donald trump on the second day after the inauguration came to the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, where he delivered a speech to employees of the Ministry, assuring them of their support and admitting a special affection for him.

Photo: Olivier Douliery / Globallookpress