The Senate approved the Mattis to the post of Minister of defense

James Mattis

The U.S. Senate approved retired General of the marine Corps James Mattis to the post of Minister of defense. The decision was taken at a meeting on Friday, January 20, according to Reuters.

He became the first member of the new administration, who approved after the inauguration of US President Donald trump. “For” vote of 98 senators out of 100, against one person, one legislator abstained.

Previously on 20 January, trump signed a document allowing Mattis to take the post of defense Minister. Prior to this, Congress passed a new law to repeal existing regulations which the Minister of defence should not be in the previous seven years on active duty.

January 12, in the course of the approval procedure, the retired General called Russia the main threat to the United States. Thus in his written statement to lawmakers, he explained that he supports the desire of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump to start cooperation with Moscow.

2 Dec 2016, trump said he plans to appoint Mattis as head of the Pentagon. Who was at that time the post of Minister of defense Ashton Carter said that the retired General holds “at the highest account” and promised to make every effort for a smooth leadership transition in the Department.

66-year-old Mattis retired in the spring of 2013, before leaving the armed forces he served as chief of the U.S. Central command. More than four decades, he served in the marine corps. After retiring he worked as a consultant and visiting fellow at the Hoover institution, a think tank at Stanford University.