Prosecutor demanded to deprive Mara Baghdasaryan driver’s license

Mara Baghdasaryan

Savelovsky Interdistrict office of public Prosecutor has submitted the claim about deprivation of the driving license of the participant street racing Gelandewagen Mara Baghdasaryan. On Friday, January 20, reported on the website of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that during the inspection confirmed information about the presence Baghdasaryan medical contraindications for driving vehicles. “Since the existence of medical contraindications and certain diseases can affect the safety of both the driver and other participants of road traffic, article 38 of the Federal law “On road safety” provides for the possibility of legal restrictions on this right”, — explained in Department.

12 Jan Baghdasarian was arrested for 15 days for evading compulsory work. The girl had to perform the duties of a janitor, however for health reasons she was allowed to do the paperwork. The lawyer claimed that the girl in the leg has a steel pin, which she cannot stay long in the cold.

Baghdasarian passed the witness on criminal case about racing on the Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen in Moscow. For disobedience to a lawful order of the police she was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. In addition, for unpaid fines for traffic violations in the amount of 144 thousand rubles, the girl was appointed 595 hours of compulsory work.