Development of hypersonic weapons for use in the plasma is a necessity: defense Ministry

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation is the development of a fundamentally new hypersonic weapon, which will consist of new materials and used in plasma. This was stated by Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov.


“On the way hypersonic weapon, which requires the use of innovative materials and management systems, which work completely in a different environment, in a plasma,” – said Borisov.


These developments are necessary in the modern army, as the next coming round of technological revolution, said the representative of the defense Ministry. New types and systems of weapons, primarily aimed at the detection speed of the enemy and his defeat.


“Today who will learn to find the enemy, to issue targeting and hit – and all this must be done in real time – that, in fact, wins,” – said Borisov.


Also the Ministry of defence are waiting for a breakthrough in the development of laser and electromagnetic weapons.


On the feasibility of laser weapons said Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013. Earlier, the General of the army Nikolai Makarov, as chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces, reported that Russia is developing a combat laser.