“Karabuga” from the newspaper “Your 6 hectare” was going to lead Moscow spravorossov

Andrey Tumanov The Presidium of the Central Council of “Fair Russia” recommended for a post of the head of the Moscow branch of the party chief editor of the newspaper for gardeners “Your 6 hectare” Andrey Tumanov. It is reported TASS on Wednesday, January 18. “Still going we have a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party, it adopted me,” said Tumanov. Former state Duma Deputy Alexander Ageev, head of the Moscow branch of just Russia in 2011, announced his resignation. The conference of the regional branch, which will elect a new leader, will be held in April or may. Mists was a Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation the seventh convocation is not re-elected. He for several years represented the newspaper “Your 6 hectare” at the annual Big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin have repeatedly questioned the President. In 2012

Closer to heaven, closer to God, we’re airborne paratrooper about why baptized during bathing

In the Suburban parts of the military were traditional Epiphany bathing, which were attended by about 2.5 thousand military. The correspondent of TV channel “Zvezda” said that at Bear lake, where the washing was done by the Marines separate regiment communication airborne troops command two privates was baptized, after which they also dipped into the font.     As told by one of the military guard private Evgeny Terebov, he decided to be baptized, when he began to serve in the army. He explained his decision by the fact that as a paratrooper he is constantly in the sky, and therefore needs to be closer to God.     It is noted that not all the military took part in the cleansing, some are unable for health reasons or religion. Despite the fact that all who came to font medical examination before bathing, the hole was on duty doctors and

Trump came up with a slogan for the presidential campaign in 2020

Donald Trump The US President-elect Donald trump came up with a slogan for his future campaign 2020 — “let’s Keep America great!” (Keep America Great!) He told this in an interview with The Washington Post. “I am confident that we will be such it will be amazing. This is the only reason I’m sharing this with you,” said trump. Trump during an interview asked his lawyer to register a new slogan with the patent office. On elections, the results of which trump won, it was with the slogan “let’s Make America great again” (Make America Great Again). According to the billionaire, the idea put forward the slogan came to his head November 7, 2012, when MITT Romney lost to incumbent President Barack Obama ran for a second term. Donald trump won the election held on 8 November 2016, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton. His inauguration is scheduled for January 20.

From the building of the TV channel “Star” has fallen industrial climber

Industrial climber was killed, torn from the building of the TV channel “Star”. About it reports TV channel “360”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies. According to him, the incident occurred on Wednesday, January 18, when the climber was scraping the snow off the roof. He leaned over the fence, not kept balance and has fallen from six-story building. The arrived ambulance staff pronounced him dead. The victim — 28-year-old native of Uzbekistan. According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident was the violation of safety rules. Trying to reach a remote site, the climber unfastened safety belt, the source said.

Videoconferencing attacked targets ISIS in Syria in coordination with Turkey

Front-line bomber su-24M © Office of the press service and information Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation/TASS ANKARA, 18 Jan. /Offset. TASS Kirill Zharov/. The General staff of the Turkish armed forces reported on “good coordination” between the Turkish and Russian military in conducting operations against the group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in the South of the Syrian city of al-Bab. This is stated in received by the TASS announcement of the General staff of the Republic. “Planes videoconferencing today struck discovered in the South of the city al-Bab and the objectives of the IG. Operation implemented in good coordination with the Russian representatives in the framework of the signed between Turkey and Russia, Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the air”, – is spoken in the message. That was involved in the operation of the Turkish air force, not reported.

In Italy the avalanche covered the hotel

An avalanche struck the hotel di Rigopiano Farindola is located in the Italian region of Abruzzo, in the mountain range of Gran Sasso. In the building at this point nautilos about 20 people, RIA Novosti reported citing local media.   Two of our guests were able to signal distress. Currently, the place is patrolled. Phone numbers of guests and hotel employees is not responsible. Photo: Guenter Fischer / Globallookpress

Matviyenko said the Russian Federation’s readiness to dialogue with the U.S. on the “law of Dima Yakovlev”

Valentina Matvienko © Press service of the Federation Council MOSCOW, January 18. /TASS/. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that Russia is ready to dialogue with the United States on the “law of Dima Yakovlev”, but stressed that this needs to be done “at least some steps of the United States.” “All you can return to normal. But for him (the”law of Dima Yakovlev”) cancellation need at least some steps from the U.S.”, – said the speaker. She noted that this law “is not an end in itself” and that “the fate of the children is the main thing.” Russia’s position regarding the decriminalization battery Valentina Matvienko hopes that the Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland will understand the position of Russia on the decriminalization of battery.