Closer to heaven, closer to God, we’re airborne paratrooper about why baptized during bathing

In the Suburban parts of the military were traditional Epiphany bathing, which were attended by about 2.5 thousand military. The correspondent of TV channel “Zvezda” said that at Bear lake, where the washing was done by the Marines separate regiment communication airborne troops command two privates was baptized, after which they also dipped into the font.



As told by one of the military guard private Evgeny Terebov, he decided to be baptized, when he began to serve in the army. He explained his decision by the fact that as a paratrooper he is constantly in the sky, and therefore needs to be closer to God.



It is noted that not all the military took part in the cleansing, some are unable for health reasons or religion. Despite the fact that all who came to font medical examination before bathing, the hole was on duty doctors and emergency services. In addition to military in Bear lake was allowed ablution and civil.




Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK “Star”