New Pereyaslav Rada is prepared in Crimea

The DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko



The history of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia could be repeated. A suitable venue for conclusion of the new agreement is the Crimea. This was stated by the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko during his visit to the Peninsula. Today, January 18, there marks the 363rd anniversary of the Pereyaslav Council, which initiated the Association. In addition Zakharchenko in the celebrations attended by the head LNR Igor Carpentry, as well as the chairmen of people’s councils of the DNR and LC Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Degtyarenko.

“Which [may be signed by the new Pereyaslav Rada]. The city is actually not important. In the Chersonese. Great place, a landmark. And what are the boundaries? Three hundred years ago it was one of the border. During this time much has changed. We passed First world war, the Great Patriotic war. If the next Pereyaslav Rada will take place, I think we should apply to the entire territory of Ukraine”, – said Zakharchenko at a press conference.

“History repeats itself”, – commented on these words of the head of the DNI, the Deputy of the state Duma and Deputy Chairman of the Russian community of Crimea Andrey Kozenko, who participated in the dialogue with journalists. He also pledged the continuing support of the republics of the new Russia from the Peninsula. In addition, on Okhotny Ryad will be created parliamentary group for relations with the republics of new Russia. “We have a lot of supporters in the State Duma”, — said the Deputy.

Zakharchenko’s statement comes amid apparent slip of the Minsk agreements aimed at preserving people’s republics within Ukraine in exchange for the special status of Donbass and the termination of the Russian ethnocide. According to the head of the DNI, “as long as there is the slightest possibility to solve the conflict peacefully, it is necessary for him to cling”. “Because it’s thousands of lives, destroyed buildings, infrastructure and industry, which then will have to restore to us,” he explained.

Source “Газеты.Ru” in the National Council DND said that in the Republic understand the futility of the Minsk talks. Although they are renewed in 2017, the Minsk format can become out of date in connection with the escalation of the armed provocations from the Ukrainian side. Their frequency has increased in recent years. It “will create preconditions for joining us in Russia by the example of Crimea in 2018”. “Anyway, we ready for this,” admitted the source.

It is also known that in parallel with the Minsk process is “quiet integration” of the DNI and LC from neighboring Russian regions. It is with them, not with Moscow, set horizontal communication: cultural exchanges, sporting events, organised visits of the regional Russian journalists in the Donbass. The border between Russia and the republics of new Russia becomes “more transparent”, and the line of demarcation with Ukraine due to take customs measures, in contrast, less permeable.

In addition, Moscow has taken on the burden of social obligations on the territory of Donbass. This circumstance never tire of noting in the Kremlin. “Everyone knows that Ukraine does not pay pensions, provide services in the field of health, in the social sphere. This is a problem in the sense that in no way contributes to the convergence of these republics with Kiev, but on the contrary”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

This attitude of Kyiv is probably due to a tacit recognition of the South-East of the country Russian, Russian striving for reunification with their historical Homeland. This is evidenced by the results of the referendums in which the overwhelming majority of inhabitants of the region, nepreemlemo forced Ukrainization, called for self-determination and equal status of the Russian language. The final deposition of these territories from Kiev could trigger a chain reaction in Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. New “Pereyaslav Rada” in the Crimea will help to legalize the process of the Exodus.

Moreover, the international environment conducive to such change. With the entry of Donald trump for President of the USA policy of the state Department, still supporting Kiev, is likely to change. This is evidenced by the statement of his probable head Rex Tillerson that the US can go on the recognition of the Crimea, if it has found a compromise with “the Ukrainian people”. The will of the people of Ukraine or of a significant part – for example, residents of new Russia, it can be expressed on the forum in the Crimea.

Independent political analyst Alexander Asaph believes that the situation in Ukraine finally stalled and communicates any changes with the change of power in Kiev.

– Crimea is a sensitive issue for the residents of Donbas as an example of what the territory after the referendum returned home to Russia. Current design: part of the Donetsk region and the Luhansk region as independent people’s republics, of course, cannot be the final process. To live independently it is difficult for them.

The residents of these areas want to have a Russian passport, and no documents DNI or LC. They were horrified to perceive any signs that they are going to return to Ukraine. What is it to hear the words Avakov that in 2017 Ukraine will take the border with Russia under control? In addition, the bombings continue. Despite the holidays, Orthodox or Catholic. For them it is impossible. Point of no return is passed.

While the statement made by the head of the DNI about the new Pereyaslav Rada, or initiatives on the extension of the territories of the people’s republics to the borders of the respective areas, or to the boundaries of historic Novorossiya are in contradiction with the Minsk agreements. The way out of this impasse is not visible. The only possibility is to change the current regime in Kiev as a result of early elections.

Yuriy Chepurnov from Lugansk, co-author of the book “the War in the Donbass. 1941-1945. 2014-2015…”, believes that the reunification of the whole of Ukraine with Russia is not realistic and not necessary.

– Russian Ukraine “overlooked”. I believe that a puppet of the West would not be able to take power in Ukraine, if the Russian political leadership, since 1991, worked with the oligarchs, and won the minds. Over the years of “independence” all journalists and social activists of Lugansk repeatedly and got a free trip to Washington, at the head quarter of NATO and the EU. And in Moscow the Kremlin never took. I think the same picture everywhere. This formed for a quarter century, the Pro-Western vector, not to break. Ukraine goes to the West. This trend in Mazepa and Petliura, and Bandera. And she became irreversible.

“SP”: – Which option would be fully supported by the residents of Lugansk now?

Ukraine is not my country, though, because I was born in the USSR, and grandparents – in the Russian Empire. In 2014 Ukraine shoots from the Donbass. Only for July-August 2014 as a result of the Ukrainian shelling and air raids in Lugansk killed about 500 of the citizens. I emphasize, it is civilians – children, women, old people. Corpses lay in the streets. I’m from the LC never left. I’ve seen it all. And a normal person, if he is not a doormat on which wipe their feet, will not seek to live with the killers under the roof. I was and still am a supporter of the return of Donbas to Home – in Russia.

Leading analytical program “Information war” on VGTRK “Crimea” Dmitry Taran expects that the entry of the DNR and LNR to Russia will be the beginning of the process of integration with Moscow and other regions of Ukraine.

– Crimeans have long understood that the situation of “neither war nor peace” have exhausted themselves and need to take some action. The fact that the initiative for the reunification with Russia was made by the heads of the republics of the new Russia — very well, as currently they are the legal successors to the former Ukraine. After all, there was a coup.

It is symbolic that it happened in the Crimea. Crimea usually all began. This is a General command “ready” for all the Russian lands, who think about the future and didn’t give up. Perhaps in the announced scenario has elements of which are still silent. In any case, it occurs in time. In the world started a global change. Now this is not fantastic scenario.

If the process will go, will gather delegates from other Russian regions, including Volhynia, Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine. It is Russian land. Some of them live Orthodox people. The same area of Pochaev, Pochaiv Lavra. They are ahead of many Russian will give from the point of view of identity. If they make a decision, it would be of enormous political significance.

The West used the Russian land to take away with the stroke of a pen. And we do it in the form of referendums, the people’s glad such acts of Association as Pereyaslav Rada. Then the reunification process will go much faster and the West will be much harder to operate in Ukraine as antirust.


Pereyaslav Rada, an Assembly of the representatives of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, led by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, held on 18 January 1654 in the town of Pereyaslav near Kiev. Handling of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks on the adoption of Russian citizenship to the state arrived in Moscow for several decades. In the result, it was decided to merge the territory of Zaporizhia Troops with the Russian Empire. For Russia the Treaty of Pereyaslav, led to the acquisition of part of the lands of Western Rus’, including Kiev. For the Commonwealth this agreement was the beginning of the decay process.