McCain has recognized Russia’s role as the main player in the middle East

John McCain

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made to his country place as a leading player in the middle East, while the United States has to settle for an invitation to attend the negotiations in Astana. About the same time Senator John McCain said on air of the TV channel MSNBC.

According to him, the Russian leader did not hide his ambitions, and “has succeeded in a very clever way, despite the bad hand of cards”. “The Russian economy is only a 15-th place in the world, despite this, it is now the biggest player in the middle East”, — declared the Senator.

McCain called a very significant result that “the Russians, the Iranians and the Turks invited the United States to come to the talks in the capital of Kazakhstan”. “The U.S. is not a leader. Even the United States are not parties, they were simply invited,” he said.

12 Jan McCain, the head of the Senate Committee on armed forces of the United States, said that interest for Putin is strengthening Russia and weakening the United States. Therefore, he said, cooperation between Washington and Moscow on any issues, including in the fight against the terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” are excluded. McCain also added that three previous US President, Barack Obama, George Bush and bill Clinton — tried to restore relations with Russia, but failed through the fault of Moscow.

McCain has been expressed about the loss of US global leadership under President Barack Obama. So, on December 19 last year, he mentioned in this context, such landmark events as the alleged incident, the attack by Russian hackers against computer resources of the Democratic party, the seizure of China unmanned underwater vehicle and “the carnage perpetrated in Aleppo Syrian government.”