Wolves fright ate each other – Ryabkov, compared to the US politicians with the characters Chukovsky

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov compare American politicians with the heroes of Corneille Chukovsky, adding that the U.S. speculative headlines contacts between Russian representatives with the team of Donald trump, reports RIA Novosti.


“I’m still in shock of how destructive and speculative play on the theme of our contacts with anyone in the American media and among American politicians, especially on Capitol hill. Many there, including the discharge of seasoned veterans, very frightened himself with the shadow of the Russian threat,” the diplomat said.


According to Ryabkov, the situation is increasingly beginning to resemble a fairy tale Chukovsky and all this could be funny, but too sad.


Earlier in the Kremlin said that so far no contact with the administration of new US President Donald trump.

Photo: Ron Sachs / Globallokpress