The white house has called untrue statements about the attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the trump

A spokesman for the White house Josh Ernest called a lie the allegations that the US is trying to undermine the legitimacy of the elected President of Donald trump. This statement he made on Tuesday, January 17, in the course of the traditional briefing, reports RIA Novosti.

One of the journalists asked Ernest what he could to respond to “accusations” of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama in an attempt to delegitimize the incoming administration trump.

“Of course, that’s not true,” replied Ernest.

Earlier, Putin said that certain forces in the US trying to undermine the legitimacy of the election of a trump, thus causing damage to their own country. “The impression is that they practice in Kiev, ready at home in Washington to organize the Maidan, but would not give the Trump to take office,” — said Putin.

According to the President, in the course of this “fight” prosecuted at least two tasks: the first is to challenge the results of the elections of the President. “The second task is to associate the newly elected President on the arms and legs when you run data in the course of the election campaign promises to the American people both domestically and in the international arena”, — said Putin.

January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign to influence the political process in the United States and to discredit the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, to win trump.

On the same day tramp after a meeting with representatives of the intelligence devoted to cyber attacks, recognized that different countries, including Russia and China carried out cyber attacks on government agencies of the United States, but expressed confidence that hackers on the election result not affected. Statements about Moscow’s attempts to influence the outcome of elections in the U.S. he called a “witch hunt”.

Russia consistently denies all allegations of this kind.